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Mattoni ECO

Product & Communication

Mattoni ECO:
A responsible product

Client: Mattoni
Services: Branding, Product, Communication & Activation

Shifts in consumers’ relationship with plastic products supported by intensive sustainability efforts in European Union led Mattoni, a leading mineral water manufacturer in Central Europe, to introduce their very first rPET bottle.

Mattoni turned to OAX to create a complete brand system, including label design, communication and brand activations, in preparation for the emerging eco friendly market. We created our own take on the iconic recycled symbol and introduced ECO logotype formed of an infinite loop. For the labels we limited the amount of print used to a necessary minimum to support 50% rPET bottle composition and the company’s vision for sustainability.

Orsman Design

Brand Identity

A journey through light

Client: Orsman Design Inc
Services: Branding

ORSMAN DESIGN INC, or simply ODI, a luxury lighting design studio based in New York, turned to OAX to make a complete brand redesign. We started with a very simple idea of illuminating a sphere, which, after being translated into 2D, gave us a wide range of shape variations leading to bold ODI letterforms. We constructed a system which translates animated effects into different design applications (logotype, social media posts, collateral).

Kimo Sabe Mezcal

Brand Consulting & Product

Kimo Sabe Mezcal:
Why settle for tequila?

Client: Kimo Sabe Mezcal
Services: Branding, Product, 3D & Consulting

Kimo Sabe Mezcal, translated to “a trusted friend” is a family-crafted artisan mezcal imported from Oaxaca, Mexico. The company has become the leader of the new beverage movement redefining the mezcal experience to become the drink of choice among millennials and social imbibers.

Kimo Sabe turned to OAX to refine the existing product line together with key marketing materials.

Czech Music Awards

Brand Identity & Communication

Czech Music Awards:
Redefining 50 year legacy

Client: Mattoni
Services: Branding & Communication

Czech Nightingale Mattoni (Cesky Slavik Mattoni) is an annual music award in the Czech Republic, similar in nature to the American Grammy Awards. Reaching its 50th year, the award lacked a strong visual identity that would introduce the brand to a new young demographic and that would stand out amidst a visually oversaturated market driven by booming social media.

It was essential that the campaign communicate clearly both the award’s long lived legacy and the main sponsor Mattoni, a mineral water company. Inspired by the widely-spread nickname of the competition, “The Nightingale”, OAX covered the main sponsor’s product, the iconic Grand bottle, in bird feathers, merging the event/sponsor relationship seamlessly.

3 Kilos Vodka

Brand Identity & Product

3 Kilos Vodka:
Turning a vision of gold
into a golden brand

Client: 3 Kilos Vodka
Services: Branding, Product, Communication, Social Media

After one year on the market, 3 Kilos Vodka tasked OAX to identify the brand’s needs and unify their existing image and strategy revolving around a gold bar shaped product. Although driven with big ideas of becoming a global brand, the company lacked an understanding of its position on the market leading to ineffective communication and marketing efforts.

What seemed almost an outrageous idea, a gold bar shaped bottle, became the catalyst for a distinct brand identity, from marketing materials printed entirely in gold, to gold POS items and merchandise, and the “Illuminated” video ad campaign. Distribution increased from 5 to 20 countries and from 3 to 10 states under OAX’s brand management and creative direction.

Mattoni Cocktail Festival

Identity, Communication & Website

Mattoni Cocktail Festival:
6 years and growing

Client: Mattoni
Services: Branding, Communication & Web Design

Winning the competition for the new visual identity of Mattoni Cocktail Festival in 2015 opened an ongoing collaboration with Mattoni, leading mineral company in Central Europe. Being a proud sponsor of many cultural and sporting events in Czech Republic, the company decided to create their own event showcasing top Czech music talents together with the World Championship in mixing non-alcoholic cocktails.

OAX created an iconic, trend neutral logotype in the shape of a cocktail glass, which year after year proved to stay relevant and up to date, giving each edition a new fresh look while staying consistent with original festival’s identity. Each year we revamp the key visual, branded collateral, TV commercials and website.


Brand Identity, Product & Communication

Your new best
green friend

Client: Erbie
Services: Branding, Product, Communication, Social Media

One of the fastest growing markets in the United States is the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. From joint pain to skincare, Americans are using CBD to help treat everyday maladies. Erbie, a skincare startup, stands on this very foundation of the CBD products—using CBD to ease out acne, one of the most troubling skin problems.

OAX helped identify CBD as a key element of the new product followed by a search for an appropriate brand name. Erbie was selected for its familiar and friendly feeling communicating the product as your “new best green friend”. We developed the product packaging, website and social media.

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